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The Northeast Peaks

Welcome to our hiking log of Peaks in the Northeast region. Originally focussed on the 4000 footers in New Hampshire's White Mountains, we've created lists including peaks from other mountain ranges in the region - the Adirondack, Catskill, Green and Longfellow ranges, some of the other peakbagger 'lists' including the New England 67 (spanning ME, NH, VT), and the Northeast 111 (including NY).

Use the Map Legend to filter the map pins, or check out the links to SummitPost, Peakbagger, the AMC sites, and our blog entries for peak information and our routes and experiences.

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Why are some 4000-foot peaks not on these list?

To qualify for the list, a peak must rise 200 feet above any ridge connecting it to a higher neighbor. As a result, several notable peaks (including Clay, Guyot and the south peak of Moosilauke) are not included on the lists despite their height.

Determinations are made according to the most current USGS topographical maps and peaks have been added to or deleted from the lists as newer maps became available. (By contrast, the Adirondack 46ers, which were developed using different criteria, do not change in response to updated surveys).

Why are there 115 peaks in a '111' list?

The Northeastern States of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine contain 111 peaks over 4,000 feet in elevation and an additional four peaks in New York's Adirondack Mountains that were once believed to stand over 4,000 feet tall. Together these peaks make up the list officially known as the 111ers of the Northeastern USA but more popularly known as the Northeast 115.

This list includes 115 peaks but is still referred to as the "Northeast 111" because that name predates the additions of Galehead Mountain and Bondcliff in New Hampshire, as well as Mount Redington and Spaulding Mountain in Maine, due to later surveys determining they do indeed rise to 4,000 feet (1,219.2 m) and satisfy topographic prominence requirements.

The 48 New Hampshire 4000 footers

Below is a list of the 48 peaks over 4000' in New Hampshire's White Mountains, along with peak information, links to other hiking sites, and a tally of our trips.

AMC 4000' club
Members since
Fall '14

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Peak Elev
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Peak Info
Date(s) Hiked
11Washington628820-Jun-2008, 06-Aug-2011
44Monroe538420-Jun-2008, 09-Sep-2016
813Twin, South490227-Jul-2012
918Carter Dome483216-Jul-2011
1121Eisenhower478020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
1222Twin, North476109-Nov-2013
1530Carter, Middle461016-Jul-2011
1634Bond, West454027-Jul-2012
1939Carter, South443016-Jul-2011
2250Kinsman, South435811-Sep-2011
2655Hancock, South431903-Nov-2012
2756Pierce (Clinton)431020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
2857Kinsman, North429311-Sep-2011
3267Tripyramid, North418024-Aug-2013
3474Osceola, East415626-Sep-2009
3577Tripyramid, Middle414024-Aug-2013
3787Wildcat D Peak406216-Jul-2011
3992Jackson405208-Jul-2012, 01-Aug-2015
43101Owl's Head402521-Jun-2014

The 67 New England 4000 footers

Below is a list of the 67 peaks over 4000 feet in New England Mountain ranges - White, Longfellow, and Green mountain ranges, in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont, respectively.

AMC 4000' club
Members since
Summer '18

Click on a table column header to sort the table by that column, on the peak name to locate the peak on the map, or click on the icons to show peak information on other hiking sites:

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Peak Range Elev
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Peak Info
Date(s) Hiked
11WashingtonWhite Mountains 628820-Jun-2008, 06-Aug-2011
22AdamsWhite Mountains 577409-Jun-2012
33JeffersonWhite Mountains 571209-Jun-2012
44MonroeWhite Mountains 538420-Jun-2008, 09-Sep-2016
55MadisonWhite Mountains 536609-Jun-2012
67Katahdin, BaxterLongfellow Range 526819-Jul-2018
78LafayetteWhite Mountains 526022-May-2010
810LincolnWhite Mountains 508922-May-2010
913Twin, SouthWhite Mountains 490227-Jul-2012
1018Carter DomeWhite Mountains 483216-Jul-2011
1120MoosilaukeWhite Mountains 480209-Sep-2011
1221EisenhowerWhite Mountains 478020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
1322Twin, NorthWhite Mountains 476109-Nov-2013
1423Katahdin, HamlinLongfellow Range 475619-Jul-2018
1526CarrigainWhite Mountains 470001-Aug-2014
1627BondWhite Mountains 469827-Jul-2012
1730Carter, MiddleWhite Mountains 461016-Jul-2011
1834Bond, WestWhite Mountains 454027-Jul-2012
1936GarfieldWhite Mountains 450008-Jun-2013
2037LibertyWhite Mountains 445922-Sep-2008
2139Carter, SouthWhite Mountains 443016-Jul-2011
2241WildcatWhite Mountains 442216-Jul-2011
2342HancockWhite Mountains 442003-Nov-2012
2447MansfieldGreen Mountains 439301-Oct-2016
2550Kinsman, SouthWhite Mountains 435811-Sep-2011
2651FieldWhite Mountains 434011-Sep-2010
2751OsceolaWhite Mountains 434026-Sep-2009
2854FlumeWhite Mountains 432822-Sep-2008
2955Hancock, SouthWhite Mountains 431903-Nov-2012
3056Pierce (Clinton)White Mountains 431020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
3157Kinsman, NorthWhite Mountains 429311-Sep-2011
3258WilleyWhite Mountains 428511-Sep-2010
3359BondcliffWhite Mountains 426527-Jul-2012
3460ZealandWhite Mountains 426027-Jul-2012
3561SugarloafLongfellow Range 425015-Jun-2017
3664KillingtonGreen Mountains 423511-Oct-2015
3765CrockerLongfellow Range 422803-Jul-2017
3867Tripyramid, NorthWhite Mountains 418024-Aug-2013
3970Old Speck, MEWhite Mountains 417011-Jun-2016
4070CabotWhite Mountains 417017-May-2014
4174Osceola, EastWhite Mountains 415626-Sep-2009
4275Brother, NorthLongfellow Range 415120-Jul-2018
4376Bigelow, WestLongfellow Range 415012-Jun-2017
4477Tripyramid, MiddleWhite Mountains 414024-Aug-2013
4579SaddlebackLongfellow Range 412014-Jun-2017
4681CannonWhite Mountains 410027-Apr-2014
4784Bigelow, AveryLongfellow Range 409012-Jun-2017
4885Camels HumpGreen Mountains 408317-Jul-2015
4985EllenGreen Mountains 408318-Jul-2015
5091HaleWhite Mountains 405405-Nov-2011
5192JacksonWhite Mountains 405208-Jul-2012, 01-Aug-2015
5293TomWhite Mountains 405111-Sep-2010
5394AbrahamLongfellow Range 405015-Jun-2017
5494Crocker, SouthLongfellow Range 405013-Jun-2017
5587Wildcat D PeakWhite Mountains 406216-Jul-2011
5696MoriahWhite Mountains 404907-Jun-2014
5797PassaconawayWhite Mountains 404319-Jul-2014
58101Owl's HeadWhite Mountains 402521-Jun-2014
59102GaleheadWhite Mountains 402427-Jul-2012
6098Saddleback, The HornLongfellow Range 404114-Jun-2017
61103WhitefaceWhite Mountains 402019-Jul-2014
62106RedingtonLongfellow Range 401013-Jun-2017
63106SpauldingLongfellow Range 401015-Jun-2017
64108WaumbekWhite Mountains 400618-May-2014
65108Abraham, VTGreen Mountains 400610-Oct-2015
66110IsolationWhite Mountains 400413-Jul-2013
67111TecumsehWhite Mountains 400322-Oct-2011

The 115 Northeast 4000 footers

Below is a list of the 115 peaks over 4000' in the Northeast states: NY, VT, NH, and ME, encompassing the mountain ranges - White, Longfellow, Adirondack, Catskill, and Green mountain ranges. For an excellent overview of the ranges and the prominent peaks comprising the Northeast 111, check out the Summit Post site.

Our current tally in the 4000 footer list is 67 of the 115.


Click on a table column header to sort the table by that column, on the peak name to locate the peak on the map, or click on the icons to show peak information on other hiking sites:

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On the AMC site outdoors.org
On summitpost.org
(in 111)
Peak Range Elev
Links to
Peak Info
Date(s) Hiked
1WashingtonWhite Mountains 628820-Jun-2008, 06-Aug-2011
2AdamsWhite Mountains 577409-Jun-2012
3JeffersonWhite Mountains 571209-Jun-2012
4MonroeWhite Mountains 538420-Jun-2008, 09-Sep-2016
5MadisonWhite Mountains 536609-Jun-2012
6MarcyAdirondacks 5344 
7Katahdin, BaxterLongfellow Range 526819-Jul-2018
8LafayetteWhite Mountains 526022-May-2010
9Algonquin PeakAdirondacks 5114 
10LincolnWhite Mountains 508922-May-2010
11HaystackAdirondacks 4960 
12SkylightAdirondacks 4926 
13Twin, SouthWhite Mountains 490227-Jul-2012
14Whiteface MountainAdirondacks 4867 
15DixAdirondacks 4857 
16Iroquois PeakAdirondacks 4840 
16Gray PeakAdirondacks 4840 
18Carter DomeWhite Mountains 483216-Jul-2011
19Basin MountainAdirondacks 4824 
20MoosilaukeWhite Mountains 480209-Sep-2011
21EisenhowerWhite Mountains 478020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
22Twin, NorthWhite Mountains 476109-Nov-2013
23Katahdin, HamlinLongfellow Range 475619-Jul-2018
24GothicsAdirondacks 4736 
25ColdenAdirondacks 4714 
26CarrigainWhite Mountains 470001-Aug-2014
27BondWhite Mountains 469827-Jul-2012
28Giant MountainAdirondacks 4627 
29NippletopAdirondacks 4620 
30Carter, MiddleWhite Mountains 461016-Jul-2011
31Santanoni PeakAdirondacks 4607 
32RedfieldAdirondacks 4606 
33Wright PeakAdirondacks 4580 
34Bond, WestWhite Mountains 454027-Jul-2012
35Saddleback MountainAdirondacks 4515 
36GarfieldWhite Mountains 450008-Jun-2013
37LibertyWhite Mountains 445922-Sep-2008
38Panther MountainAdirondacks 4442 
39Carter, SouthWhite Mountains 443016-Jul-2011
40TabletopAdirondacks 4427 
41WildcatWhite Mountains 442216-Jul-2011
42Rocky Peak RidgeAdirondacks 4420 
42HancockWhite Mountains 442003-Nov-2012
44Macomb MountainAdirondacks 4405 
45Hough PeakAdirondacks 4400 
45Armstrong MountainAdirondacks 4440 
47MansfieldGreen Mountains 439301-Oct-2016
48Seward MountainAdirondacks 4361 
49MarshallAdirondacks 4360 
50Kinsman, SouthWhite Mountains 435811-Sep-2011
51FieldWhite Mountains 434011-Sep-2010
51Allen MountainAdirondacks 4340 
51OsceolaWhite Mountains 434026-Sep-2009
54FlumeWhite Mountains 432822-Sep-2008
55Hancock, SouthWhite Mountains 431903-Nov-2012
56Pierce (Clinton)White Mountains 431020-Jun-2008, 31-Jul-2015
57Kinsman, NorthWhite Mountains 429311-Sep-2011
58WilleyWhite Mountains 428511-Sep-2010
59BondcliffWhite Mountains 426527-Jul-2012
60ZealandWhite Mountains 426027-Jul-2012
61SugarloafLongfellow Range 425015-Jun-2017
62Big Slide MountainAdirondacks 4240 
62Esther MountainAdirondacks 4240 
64KillingtonGreen Mountains 423511-Oct-2015
65CrockerLongfellow Range 422803-Jul-2017
66Wolfjaw Mountain, Upper Adirondacks 4185 
67Slide MountainCatskill 4180 
67Tripyramid, NorthWhite Mountains 418024-Aug-2013
69Wolfjaw Mountain, Lower Adirondacks 4175 
70CabotWhite Mountains 417017-May-2014
70Old Speck, MEWhite Mountains 417011-Jun-2016
72Street MountainAdirondacks 4166 
73Phelps MountainAdirondacks 4161 
74Osceola, EastWhite Mountains 415626-Sep-2009
75Brother, NorthLongfellow Range 415120-Jul-2018
76Bigelow, WestLongfellow Range 415012-Jun-2017
77Tripyramid, MiddleWhite Mountains 414024-Aug-2013
77Donaldson MountainAdirondacks 4140 
79SaddlebackLongfellow Range 412014-Jun-2017
79Seymour MountainAdirondacks 4120 
81SawteethAdirondacks 4100 
81CannonWhite Mountains 410027-Apr-2014
83Cascade MountainAdirondacks 4098 
84Bigelow, AveryLongfellow Range 409012-Jun-2017
85Camels HumpGreen Mountains 408317-Jul-2015
85EllenGreen Mountains 408318-Jul-2015
87Wildcat D PeakWhite Mountains 406216-Jul-2011
88Dix, South Adirondacks 4060 
89Porter MountainAdirondacks 4059 
90ColvinAdirondacks 4057 
91HaleWhite Mountains 405405-Nov-2011
92JacksonWhite Mountains 405208-Jul-2012, 01-Aug-2015
93TomWhite Mountains 405111-Sep-2010
94AbrahamLongfellow Range 405015-Jun-2017
94Crocker, SouthLongfellow Range 405013-Jun-2017
96MoriahWhite Mountains 404907-Jun-2014
97PassaconawayWhite Mountains 404319-Jul-2014
98Saddleback, The HornLongfellow Range 404114-Jun-2017
99EmmonsAdirondacks 4040 
99HunterCatskill 4040 
101Owl's HeadWhite Mountains 402521-Jun-2014
102GaleheadWhite Mountains 402427-Jul-2012
103WhitefaceWhite Mountains 402019-Jul-2014
103Dial MountainAdirondacks 4020 
105Dix, East Adirondacks 4012 
106RedingtonLongfellow Range 401013-Jun-2017
106SpauldingLongfellow Range 401015-Jun-2017
108Abraham, VTGreen Mountains 400610-Oct-2015
108WaumbekWhite Mountains 400618-May-2014
110IsolationWhite Mountains 400413-Jul-2013
111TecumsehWhite Mountains 400322-Oct-2011
112Blake PeakAdirondacks 3960 
112Cliff MountainAdirondacks 3960 
114Nye MountainAdirondacks 3895 
115Couchsachrage PeakAdirondacks 3820