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Mt Waumbek

Posted on May 19th, 2014
by PeterD in Hikes

We’d planned to hike Mt Waumbek on the Sunday of our 2-day hiking weekend. Mt. Cabot, the day before, was a bit wet and sloppy.

In contrast, Waumbek turned out to be a beautiful spring day – partly to mostly sunny, dry and moderate temperatures in the 60′s. Great hiking weather.  First hiking shorts weather of the season – yeah!

Starr King Trailhead

Starr King Trailhead

The Starr King trailhead is a stones throw from the Inn, we probably could have walked there, but we drove, unpacked quickly and headed out.

Mt. Waumbek is said to be one of the easiest 4′s, with a book time under 5 hours and a round trip distance of 7.2 miles. Since we were the only people staying at the Jefferson Inn, the Innkeepers were nice enough to let us leave our gear in the room while we went for a hike – enabling us to also take a shower after the hike and before our 3+ hour trip home.  That was a bit of icing on the cake!

flowers - waumbek

The trail was a pretty steady though gradual climb the entire way to the summit – check out the profile here.  

After our more aggressive hike of Mt. Cabot the day before (we just had to make that gate closure!), this shorter hike, with the sun shining through the budding trees, was a welcome change.   Really our first hike of the season without some significant weather to contend with (remember, Cannon in the Snow?!)

We were treated to lots of wildflowers.  And while there were no views from the summit, there is a ledge while passing over Starr King that afforded some beautiful views of the northern Presidentials (yes, that IS Mt. Washington off in the distance, just left of center in the photo)!

views views 2

While it’s a bit unfortunate that this mountain is so far north, making it not so easily accessible for many, that may be a blessing since it keeps the trail more pristine and the number of visitors/other hikers to a minimum.
Even so, the path needed to be marked.  This little sign was needed at the ledge/outcropping where an old stone fireplace was evidence of an old building of some sort.

Combined with the proximity of the Jefferson Inn, the weather and the gradual grades of the hike itself, Mt. Waumbek turned out to be one of the easiest 4′s we’ve done.

If you’re ever in the area, this is a recommended adventure!


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