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My purpose here is to leave you with a deeper insight into who I am, in my own voice rather than the sound-bitten tweets of today’s social media.

In partnership with customers, stakeholders, and my teams, I facilitate the delivery of software products and services that are aligned with customer expectations, while striving to (re)engineer organizations for continual and sustainable improvement for long-term value delivery.

My passion is to create strong teams focused on solution delivery (solve the whole problem!) and execution excellence. I gravitate toward late-startups / early-IPO, and restart software organizations (product or SaaS) that are typically characterized by the dynamic stress between the insatiable appetite of an ever-increasing customer base for superior technology, and the organizational imperative for predictable delivery to those same customers.

My approach derives from the expression:

“Good judgement comes from experience….
…experience comes from bad judgement“,

Fail fast, listen to the feedback, learn from the experience, and search for resonance by optimizing for outcomes.

What are the elements of Project Performance and Engineered Value? Read more in my musings about aspects of projects, people management, and organizational dynamics.