What I do

My passion is to deliver software technology solutions/services to market that meet customer and business demand, with a focus on the technologies employed, the people engaged and the operational aspects used during that process, concurrently building organizational capacity through engineered value.

Career Objectives

I seek opportunities where organizations see friction in their delivery – impacting flow and getting to done. Often in late startup/early-IPO organizations, as they experience hyper growth, and just as often in larger organizations where process has become a proxy for better outcomes.

Major Projects and Accomplishments

  • Drove Technology Integration program to deliver new learning technology platform that created new market opportunity and led to $10M in new sales.
  • Established Program Office to facilitate management/tracking of multiple simultaneous software releases. Achieved 10 time reduction in release date variance and re-established trusted partnerships with business.
  • Created Offshore QA organization to build test harness to enable continuous integration. Resulting test-driven development model enabled migration to Agile/Scrum practices.
  • Created and staffed QA/Product Release organization as part of SDLC overhaul – eliminated 12 month time delay in cross platform software releases to gain 20% increase in software maintenance renewal rates.


With a deep, multi-legged background in a software and technology product development, I have developed expertise in

S/W Development Mgmt Development Operations
Agile Scrum & Kanban Continuous Improvement
Scaled Agile Framework Project/Program Mgmt
Off-Shoring Sprint/Release Planning

Visually represented as a tag cloud based on word occurrences, my resume is: