Roy’s Peak Track
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Early research showed this was another track with some stunning photos – listed as one of the best day hikes.    Located only about an hour north of Queenstown, just outside of Wanaka, this would be our first significant drive on the left-hand side of the road – and our first venture out into the country-side. We were blessed with another day of cloudless skies and moderate (70’s) temperatures.  As we’d come to learn , our first few days in New Zealand were somewhat exceptional – rain comes often to the region.

We set out early and found our way to the trailhead parking by 9am – already nearly full.  We got lucky. On paper, the trail looked simple enough – lots of switch-backs – but basically straight up hill.

By the numbers,  this was a fairly significant trek – 5hrs round trip, 10.2 miles, and 4,200 feet of elevation gain.  Definitely worth it, and one of the best we’ve ever done.  The pictures below really tell the story.


Gearing up, we headed off, looking upward toward a ridge – it was difficult for us to identify which was Roy’s peak, though we could definitely see bits of the trail leading up hill.

Looking uphill, Roy’s Peak is somewhere up there!

The trail was wide, and the going was easy, though it was a steady uphill.  After a short while, we stopped for a bit, shed some of the early-hike clothing, and begin to admire the views.  It was still relatively early, but the cloudless skies, just make it amazing.   Here, we look down on the parking area – completely full at this point – and off in the distance to Wanaka.


Further up the trail, we passed through some sheep pastures – up close and personal with some of “the locals”.


As we picked up more elevation, the views just kept improving.  Below, we’re looking out a short trail out to a height of land.


This is one of those hikes – where it was just view after view – so much so, that it was slow going up the mountain.  Stop, look around, go.  Stop, look around, go.  and again, and again.  In the pix below, we’re just below the summit, the earlier lookout behind me in the distance, and much further down, you can just barely make out some of the trail in the lower portion.


  Eventually, all smiles at the summit.


  and just amazing to look at the trail, all downhill.


  and off to the right, Wanaka, and Wanaka beach.


  Soon enough, time to head downhill – back the way we came.


and one of the special treats after the hike a stop in Wanaka – a small, lakeside town with some shops, good eats, and a beautiful little beach on lake Wanaka – definitely a treat!

View of Roy’s Peak from the Lake Wanaka beach in Wanaka


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