About Me

While there are many “en vogue” SocialNetworking- and ePersona-sites.com (e.g facebook/twitter/linkedIn), my goal here is to give you more insight into who I am, my interests and my drivers, in a forum that gives me greater control over presentation and style, and in a way that enables me to further explore (and learn) various web technologies and techniques.


My academic background was Chemistry and Mathematics, leading to a Doctorate in theoretical chemistry. Really interesting work, but it was pretty far out there.   The experience was significant though because I learned how to learn and how to reason through complex challenges.   These skills shaped my early career in commercial software and IT organizations – where I experienced a wealth of complex challenges which impeded organizational growth and evolution.

In those roles, I observed similar patterns and challenges, invariably due to people and teams stuck and acting in ways which weren’t serving them well.  In effect, there were individual and systemic impediments to them being their best selves.     Which brings me to my mission as a coach:

My mission is to help grow people and technology teams guided by their values and for their fulfillment. I do this by coaching, teaching, and mentoring, informed by my deep technical background and delivered with intention for their benefit.

We are shaped by our experiences and I am fortunate and grateful to have had some incredible teachers, experiences, and opportunities along the way.


While the professional aspect fulfills my cerebral self, I fulfill my kinesthetic self through hiking, cycling, and other outdoor activities.  With my wife, we have ‘bagged’ the 67 4000′ summits in New England and have explored multi-day trekking in New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Patagonia.  You can read more about these adventures on our hiking micro-site.

Google my name and you’ll see the usual LinkedIn and Facebook links as well as a few random links for webinars and publications at various former companies.  You’ll also see links for cycling, running and even cross-country skiing events. Nearly all of those links are me, representing some of the physical activities that keep me energized…. Other activities have a craftsmanship aspect to them, such as woodworking, and stained glass and those offer a restorative time.

The Other Me

Curiously, you’ll also find a link or two about someone in the 1800’s who did a number on their family members – that’s not me!