Vision, Values, and Purpose

We’re each on a journey, creating our life’s story.  Some are us are guided by a vision, such as climbing our own mountain. Some of us are guided by our values, perhaps without a clear objective, acting as a north star or boundaries in our journey. And some others of us might be stuck, ready to create a new chapter in our story, yet potentially adrift, perhaps with unclear objectives or with a clouded sky blocking out our North Star, impacting our ability to move forward.   

Coaching is a co-creative activity which is designed to facilitate growth toward fulfillment, to clear away the clouds and add wind to our sails, bringing deeper meaning and purpose.

When coaching, we use techniques to help explore alternate perspectives and develop and evolve a sense of vision, purpose and direction – finding the answer that works for you – to enable movement and growth towards a more purposeful life.

Types of Coaching we offer

We often find ourselves in patterns and behaviors which leave us feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, restless, and generally unfulfilled. Neither good nor bad, it just happens. Fortunately, something else happens which brings us awareness to our situation and sparks a desire to move beyond.

Personal coaching can help us navigate through and beyond, towards greater fulfillment, satisfaction and a deeper sense of self-awareness and purpose.

Similar to individual coaching, team coaching seeks to grow the team – embodied in the team culture. Depending on the situation, this can take on many forms and frequently involves helping the team gain self awareness, such as through a “north-star workshop”.

The intent is to shift the team from doing to being, and from following to self-directing. The impact is a team with greater situational awareness, more capable of responding, with higher engagement and performance.

New Perspectives, New Awareness, New Actions

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We start with a 90 minute complimentary session. In this discovery session we co-create our relationship – designing how we work together in service of your objectives. We’ll explore main areas of focus for you, your objectives, and how you might have brought about change in the past. Through that, we will introduce some specific coaching tools and language to help us on our journey. We’ll also explore how we might proceed as we co-create growth and new awareness. This approach enables you to assess suitability for your objectives and sets expectations about next steps.

Finally, the discovery session also covers the necessary logistics such as fees, cancellation policy, scheduling, forms, agreements, etc.

My Training

Recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry, the Co-Active Training Institute Professional Coach training program provides an experiential, transformative learning curriculum designed to engage clients, team members, and colleagues in ways that cultivate trust, catalyze self-discovery, enhance insight, and inspire movement into bold action.

The certified SAFe ® Practice Consultant (SPC) is a Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) change agent who leads all levels of an organization through a Lean-Agile transformation at scale by training, coaching, facilitating, and mentoring. As a servant leader, SPCs play a critical role by applying expert knowledge in service of the organization. Read more at SAFe SPC.

The ICP-ACC certification focuses on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of an Agile Coach. It outlines the differences and similarities between and among mentoring, facilitating, professional coaching and teaching, and will provides the skills needed to create a safe environment for meaningful collaboration and healthy conflict resolution within an agile team.