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Vacations » '14 - Grand Tetons/Yellowstone, US
The Tetons – Paintbrush Divide
This hike stands out as one of our all-time greats – easily in the top-5. We knew it’d be massive – 17+miles. What we didn’t know and didn’t expect was the beauty, the variety of terrain, the shear awesomeness. Today’s hike plan was our most ambitious of the week – Paintbrush Divide – a 20 mile loop that followed Paintbrush Canyon deep into the Teton range, crossed over Paintbrush Divide (at 10,700 feet elevation), then followed Cascade Canyon to exit
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The Tetons
Our trip began with an idea – As happens, we were hiking somewhere, had just finished the day, and we’re talking about where to go next. Jeanne suggested one of the ‘big’ National parks, and that was it, we were off, planning away.. Planning really started on our trip nearly 1-1/2 years ahead of time, knowing that the in-park lodging fills up quickly, so we’d anticipated the trip for some time. And, as always, we started our weather watch 2
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The second half of our National Park Adventure took us north from the Tetons into Yellowstone.   According to Google, it was only about 70 miles from the Tetons into Yellowstone and the Old Faithful Inn.    But this being ‘fall’ and the road repair season is incredibly short, we found out 2 weeks before our journey that part of our road to the Inn was closed for repairs. The detour was only about 100 miles (yes, this is the
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