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Vacations » '13 - Cinque Terre, Italy
Cinque Terre Trekking
Below are some slides from our Italy trip – 26-Sep’13 – 7-Oct’13.   We spent 4 nights in Arezzo, located in central Tuscany.  From there, we headed to Cinque Terre, an Italian National Park on the Ligurian Sea for 3 nights/4 days of trekking in the coastal park. The park is located roughly equi-distant between Pisa and Genoa. After our stay in 5Terre, we drove another hour up the coast toward Genoa to stay for 2 nights just north of
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Italy & Tuscany – Fall 2013
With Marissa studying abroad, we’d planned a trip to coincide with her time there, planning time to visit her, and take a bit of time for ourselves – to see the countryside and get in some more trekking. But before we get underway with this blog, it’s important to get oriented – with a map, of course. Our trip was centered in Tuscany, starting in Arezzo, where Marissa was located, then off to the Ligurian Peninsula during the week and
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