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Vacations » '15 - SanDiego/Yosemite, US
We departed San Diego early, not long after 6 am, hoping to get a jump on some of the traffic we’d inevitably encounter as we headed northward toward LA.   That decision turned out to be both good and bad.  We missed any kind of traffic getting out of La Jolla/San Diego, but we were surely in some of the daily morning fog that hugs the coast – so, not much scenery along the coast through Carlsbad.   We did avoid some of
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San Diego
The flight out was direct – long, but direct, touching down in San Diego shortly after 10pm.  At that hour on a Thursday night, we sped through the car rental, choosing a convertible Ford Mustang over a fire-red, convertible Chevy Camaro (too easy to get a ticket) and didn’t hit any traffic, arriving our AirBnB studio apartment shortly after 11pm local time.   The place was a cute studio, bed, kitchenette, and bath, with a roof deck over the garage, accessible
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